Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great

Council Member

First Vice-President to the Council

Second in Line of Succession


Empress Nicole Diamond
Nicole the Good)

Lexington, KY

H- 859-253-3613
C- 859-619-7522
Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3246 Gondola Drive
Lexington, KY 40513

-          Been honored with serving Her Majesty Queen Mother I of the Americas Nicole the Great, since the beginning of the Renaissance Era as a member of the International Court Council and Heir Apparent for the past consecutive eight years. And most recently honored with being named in Line of Succession to Queen Mother Nicole the Great.

-          Editor of the International Communique’ the official publication of the International Court System since October 2009.

-          As Council Member have been involved in numerous projects and served on various committees such as the 45th Anniversary, Jose Honors, The Scholarship Committee and more. Also the privilege of serving as Second Vice President.

-          An Active Member of the Imperial Court of Kentucky since 1995, serving in many different capacities for the organization over the years including Board Member on multiple occasions and have served as Secretary, Treasurer and President.

-          Was elected Empress 21 of Kentucky and then served as Empress 28. During Reign 28 the Imperial Court of Kentucky recognized it highest year of fundraising to date. This was due to team work and excitement, partnering with many of our straight allies in the community and reaching out and including new organizations within the Bluegrass.

-          Member of the College of Monarchs and served as Ball Coordinator, Secretary and various Committee chairs.

-          An advocate for travel, Nicole has traveled and supported more than two thirds of the Empires within the International Court System through the years and has been given the honor of being named ½ Empress in various Empires such as New York, Cincinnati, Austin, Vermont, Chicago and Louisville and honored with numerous other titles throughout various Empires.

-          Born and raised in Kentucky, graduate of the University of Kentucky.

-          Currently owns, with partner of 21 years, an Architectural and Consulting firm, specializing in low income housing, writing grants for government funding for special needs projects, prepares budgeting, assisting with procurement and policy issues.